Free TEFL Course

25 Nov

I thought I would share this link from a classified site in Dubai.  It offers its members special offers each month – This month one of its offers is a free TEFL course.

I have actually completed my TEFL and it cost me an arm and a leg so even one course for free offers pretty significant value.  When I was teaching in Vietnam I would get $800 USD a month for teaching English which i can do by just having a basic arts degree.  When I got a TEFL behind me I started working at specialist English schools and adult education centers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand and during that time I dont think I earn less than $2,000 bucks a month working a straight 40 hour week so its worth a go if you are traveling around and want to teach English on your gap year.  You dont have to be a member of the site to click the link so I think they have made a mistake – If you follow the link on the page it takes you to the TEFL site – at the bottom at the left hand side carefully hidden under all the bumf i the link to the free course.

Hope this helps!

Democracy in Egypt

24 Nov

This is a post from Social Media Me this week – please be aware the video in the post has some pretty graphic content of people getting beaten to hell.

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This is what democracy looks like – In Egypt

Egypt’s ruling military council has accepted the
resignation of the Cabinet and agreed to form the national salvation
government. It also pledged to stage presidential elections and transfer power
to a civilian government by July 1, 2012.


Meanwhile thousands of Egyptians remain in Cairo’s
Tahrir Square demanding an immediate end to military rule in the country,
despite the pledge.  The result –
some pretty heavy crackdown by the army making Tahir Square look like a war



Will Israel Attack Iran

23 Nov

Lets all look at a balanced sorecard before we jump to opinions – and then jump to opinions – Good post with some pretty decent background about if Iran is about to get its arse kicked.

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It is a significant question and one that probably
needs some in-depth research. 
Currently most of the western news media are reporting that this is
imminent, obviously the Israelis are more than concerned about Iran’s growing
nuclear capability and feel as though a pre-emptive strike may be the best way
to settle the issue.

One report this week, I think it was from RT stated
“what Isreal does not  understand
is that this
militarist rhetoric in the Middle East, and an attack on Iran could
lead to a catastrophic war in the region”.



Occupy Wall Street Last Couple of Days

21 Nov

Just in case I ever forget that cops in the USA wont hesitate to pepper spray me in the face for sitting down demonstrating peacefully !

20 Nov

Looks like china is winning the innobation war

China Venture Capital Companies

19 Nov

China has about 300 venture capital companies active these days!  Take a look at the list on this free Venture Capital Database!

Currently CVCA has more than 150 member firms, which collectively manage over US$500 billion in venture capital and private equity funds.CVCA’s member firms have long and rich experience in PE and VC investing worldwide and have made many successful investments in a variety of industries in China, including information technology,telecommunications, business services,media and entertainment, biotechnology,consumer products, general manufacturing and more.

Staying at The Cheeky Monkey

19 Nov

Just to let everyone know I will be staying at the Cheeky Monkey Guesthouse located on Street 830 for the next three months. It is one of the best guesthouses in Phnom Penh and I have the most amazing view of the city plus the temples from my bedroom window. I will be here for a couple of months prior to getting back to the United Kingdom – Prices are between $18 and $26 a night!

If you need to get hold of me whilst I am gone please check on the Cheeky Monkey Website!

Venture Capital Database for FREE!

18 Nov

This is an awesome website listing all of the venture capital companies outside the USA and its free to use. The VC site contains over 10,000 companies in the records.

The Free Online VC & Investor Database

The Venture Capital Database published by H2O Media Group provides accurate usable information on over 10,000-investment institutions worldwide.   You can browse the database online for free and use it to find active venture capital organizations, investment banks and financial organizations. It is an ideal database for people selling products and services to the financial sector or wishing to secure investment capital. 


Low Cost Offline CSV Version Available

You can also purchase the full database as two separate spreadsheets in CSV format split into two databases of Venture Capital Organizations worldwide and investment banks worldwide.  Here are the features >

  • 10,000-investment organizations worldwide
  • Key contact information *  (Not included in the online version)
  • Email Information* (Not included in the online version)
  • CSV format ready to be uploaded to your database or CRM system
  • Split down by country and geographic area
  • Email marketing ready
  • Telephone Numbers of organisations
  • Fax numbers of organisations
  • Addresses and branch addresses of organisations *

When you have purchased the database and completed your payment by paypal we will send you both CSV databases by recorded Email for you to download.  Simply download the data and import it into any CRM or sales force automation platform that accepts CSV or excel format uploads.


  • See sample data of the first 50 contacts – Click here
  • See companies and countries included in the Database – Click Here



How To Reach Global Investors

The Venture Capital Database is in its third edition, it contains listings of over 10,000 financial investment companies, private investment funds, hedge funds, investment banks and international investment companies.  The database includes key person data where available which will help you reach key contacts at these companies, buy your products or at least point you to the right contact within the organization.   The database is updated every 12 months.

You can check the database quality instantly by simply browsing the free online version, each of the companies listed is also listed on the online version, you simply will not be able to view the key person or email data online.  Purchasing the database will give you access to the CSV format which includes key person and email details * where available and will allow you to use the database within your sales force automation software, or email marketing system.



AVCDB Compared to Other Options

Of course there are many other databases out there many of which are available for a premium subscription fee.  Here are the benefits of using A Venture Capital

Always Free Online Version

You can always use the online version of this database for Free.  Simply bookmark the database and come back to it when you need it. Compare this to Venture Deal, Infon or many other online database providers that charge between $25 and $125.00 USD per month.

The Download CSV Version

The offline version of the whole database includes 10,000 organizations – not just venture capital organizations of which there are about five and a half thousand but also investment banks, funds and trusts that can also invest in your project or buy your services.  Our one off fee of $79.99 includes all of the data in CSV format for you to use forever within your own systems.  Compare this to VC Gate $97.00 or VC Pro for just 5500 companies, or Dow Jones information that charge thousands of USD for this data.

It is no wonder that A Venture Capital continues to be the absolute source where marketers, fundraisers and NGO’s go to in order to acquire up to date records that allow them to contact thousands of firms world wide in an instant. 


What Data is Included?

You can view the sample data on this site, we have two types of sample data.  To view the first fifty records in the Venture Capital Database click on the purchase page and click on the view links – this link will also show you all of the companies available in the offline version – the contact details, address details and telephone details have been removed but it will show you exactly how many up to date data records you will receive.  

Many of the records include Key Person data and relevant email addresses –  some companies will not provide these, phone numbers are provided for all companies where available.