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Democracy in Egypt

24 Nov

This is a post from Social Media Me this week – please be aware the video in the post has some pretty graphic content of people getting beaten to hell.

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This is what democracy looks like – In Egypt

Egypt’s ruling military council has accepted the
resignation of the Cabinet and agreed to form the national salvation
government. It also pledged to stage presidential elections and transfer power
to a civilian government by July 1, 2012.


Meanwhile thousands of Egyptians remain in Cairo’s
Tahrir Square demanding an immediate end to military rule in the country,
despite the pledge.  The result –
some pretty heavy crackdown by the army making Tahir Square look like a war

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Will Israel Attack Iran

23 Nov

Lets all look at a balanced sorecard before we jump to opinions – and then jump to opinions – Good post with some pretty decent background about if Iran is about to get its arse kicked.

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It is a significant question and one that probably
needs some in-depth research. 
Currently most of the western news media are reporting that this is
imminent, obviously the Israelis are more than concerned about Iran’s growing
nuclear capability and feel as though a pre-emptive strike may be the best way
to settle the issue.

One report this week, I think it was from RT stated
“what Isreal does not  understand
is that this
militarist rhetoric in the Middle East, and an attack on Iran could
lead to a catastrophic war in the region”.

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Occupy Wall Street Last Couple of Days

21 Nov

Just in case I ever forget that cops in the USA wont hesitate to pepper spray me in the face for sitting down demonstrating peacefully !