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Free TEFL Course

25 Nov

I thought I would share this link from www.dubailime.com a classified site in Dubai.  It offers its members special offers each month – This month one of its offers is a free TEFL course.


I have actually completed my TEFL and it cost me an arm and a leg so even one course for free offers pretty significant value.  When I was teaching in Vietnam I would get $800 USD a month for teaching English which i can do by just having a basic arts degree.  When I got a TEFL behind me I started working at specialist English schools and adult education centers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand and during that time I dont think I earn less than $2,000 bucks a month working a straight 40 hour week so its worth a go if you are traveling around and want to teach English on your gap year.  You dont have to be a member of the site to click the link so I think they have made a mistake – If you follow the link on the page it takes you to the TEFL site – at the bottom at the left hand side carefully hidden under all the bumf i the link to the free course.

Hope this helps!