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Good Hostels in Phnom Penh

30 Nov

Phnom Penh has plenty of excellent lodging, unbiased of your budget. If your budget allowed is a couple of thousand bucks for a single night or only a pitiful seven there are still lots of possibilities available to you that will allow you to sleep soundly and get a good nights sleep, many of these option pretty surprisingly when it comes to this South East Asian country of acceptable good-quality.

The hot spot for Bed and Breakfasts in the past used to be the Boeng Kak Lake or alternatively the Riverside location near Sisowath quay, nonetheless thanks to the purchase of the lake in addition to the subsequent closing down of the business spot around it in early 2011‚ you will now not find the same quality of vibe – in fact its desolate so forget it – dont take advice from someone that went over a year ago and keep reading.

The top guesthouses and vacation accommodation has shifted to completely new sections of the city. You have a couple of choices – Now if  you’re out to have experiance of Phnom Penhs notorious hotspots – you know what I mean by this I hope, you may want a nice bed and breakfast nearer to the activities, in the event that this is in fact the case we advise you stay around the Riverside area. Riverside area has lots of bars but it may not be the ideal place for a couple as it can be a bit seedy.  Now if you are wanting to go out boozing I would really suggest taking a look at The Phnom Penh bar guide first.

If you want to soak up Phnom Penh’s awesome trekker and backpacker scene then you will come across most of the dynamic lodging in and about Funky Town ‚ this is the spot close to street 278 in the BKK1 district near WAT LANKA and close to the independence monument.
Generally there are now hostels and dormitory beds offered in Phnom Penh, the finest of which are found in the busy BKK1 district. The preferred dormitory beds by far are available in The Mad Monkey Lodge set on Street 302 in the vicinity of the busy Street 278 area. Dorms in this full of activity hostel are offered for around seven dollars in high season period, you can share a dorm with either six to eight people that will also be traveling around Cambodia.

This can be a really good vibe and The Mad Monkey has become a well known hostel because at any one moment in time generally there are fifty to seventy vacation goers residing / trekking around South East Asia ‚this key fact makes the Mad Monkey a superb choice for those looking for coziness as well as a great dynamic social scene close to this cool area.

The Top Banana bed and breakfast doesnt have dorms yet but it does offer low-priced rooms coupled with an lively tavern scene. This guesthouse has been busy since 2001 since started in business and is now a stalwartof the Phnom Penh Backpacking scene that regularly means they are full to the brim most nights as with the Mad Monkey. Much more of a tavern in comparison with a guesthouse these days it tends to be a preferance for those bedding down over at the Mad Monkey or alternative hostels in the vicinity when it comes to late night-time drinks together with the backpacker party scene.

The Blue Dog and Red Dog bed and breakfast located on street 51, and street 310 do provide lower rate budget room accommodation in Phnom Penh, whilst not really as swish as their neighbours a few blocks out everybody can purchase a sleep for the night-time for just about five to ten bucks and always walk around the corner to The Mad Monkey or to Top Banana for drinks and beers.

The Cheeky Monkey guesthouse Phnom Penh is the absolute best in flash-packing this is managed by the same group associated with The Mad Monkey and also offers you quarters from $18 to $26 a night which often include flat display televisions together with morning breakfast included in your room rate.

If all of these are packed full you may wish to go find out out the Mini Banana ‚its the smaller cousin guesthouse to Top Banana this offers standard dormitory spots (these are located on the floor) or else in order for a more stylish experience you could try The Cheeky Monkey .

Generally there are often alternative possibilities in and around Phnom Penh however if you are a backpacker that strives to hook up with similar minded travellers then the BKK1 district ought to become your first and foremost port of call if you want the backpacker scene.  If you need more info on Phnom Penh read some of the ideas on here or you can try my Phnom Penh Travel blogger site.